Monthly Blogging Income Tracker {Digital Planner}

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Tired and frustrated of not having a system to track your blogging income and expenses? 

We did too until we created our monthly blogging income tracker. 

It is a simple and easy to use Google Sheet designed to make tracking your monthly income and expenses as efficient as possible. 

And don't worry we have instructions on how to use the entire tracker so you can jump right in. 

Starting from the first day you decide to start a blogging business it's important to track ALL of your monthly income and expenses for tax purposes. 

What's included:

  • Yearly Income Dashboard - An incredible overview that shows everything from monthly income, monthly expenses, yearly revenue, yearly profit, estimated taxes, and more
  • Yearly Expense Dashboard - A great place to keep an eye on all your monthly and yearly expenses. Perfect for keeping costs low and increasing your overall profit. 
  • 12 Sheets to Track Each Months Income and Expenses - A tab for each month to track income and expenses. These numbers will auto-populate to both the yearly income dashboard and yearly expense dashboard. 
  • Big Business Strategy Dashboard - Bloggers, in general, are not strategic enough. This dashboard alone is worth the cost of our tracker. Start tracking important metric like estimated hourly rate, earning per page view, earning per email subscriber, average monthly revenue, and much more! 

As a blogger, your time is very important! Stop wasting time with a tracking system that is broken and does not work. 

Grab your monthly blogging income tracker today! 

Instant digital download (nothing will be shipped).

Customer Reviews

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Maria Ouano
Awesome tracker for newbies like me!

As a newbie I tracking income not exactly my first priority. This spreadsheet does give it perspective and helps me set my goals. This is a great resource even for experienced bloggers too! Thanks!

Kylie Samson
Great tool for entrepreneurs

This tracker is so amazing at helping me organize my business. I think everyone who is selling online needs this!

Janet Stelly
Great tracker!

This tracker is great. You’re able to track the details by month as well as see a summary and many key indicator numbers to help manage your business. Thanks

Big Business Strategy

I wanted to compare the Savvy Couple monthly income tracker with the one I created for my own blog and I'm glad I did. The Big Business Strategy is something I was missing from my blog income tracker and something I will implement to help better track my blogging business.

Sharon Rowe
Blogging Tracker

I was about to make a tracker for myself when the email came through about this tracker and I thought why not save some time and purchase. I was amazed at the product and it's way better than I would have created. I love it!